"NTNU is in the driving seat in IPR in Norway and has been good at creating new products. It is important that students gain expertise on how rights can be secured. IPIN is an important step in this regard."
- Trond Giske , Minister of Trade and Industry, April 2013.

Intellectual Property Institute of Norway, IPIN, was established at NTNU, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management in the spring of 2013. Together with our partners, Center for Intellectual Property at Chalmers and Patentstyret, we aim to be a major Nordic strategic and competence center for intellectual property.
IPIN will be a center whos mission is to influence Nordic business, R&D institutions and government decision makers for better awareness on intellectual values to create a competitive advantage in a global knowledge world and the knowledge economy.
Knowledge of IPR and how to use intellectual capital is a powerful industrial competitive advantage, a strong innovation agent and an important factor to develop new knowledge and technology, in both industrial and R&D.

IPIN aims to strengthen innovation and competitiveness in Norwegian industry through research and dissemination, as well as research-based training of students and employees in business and government organizations working with technology, innovation and intellectual values. This will be done through:

• Educate future specialists within the “intellectual asset management”.
• Educate future industry leaders within the “intellectual asset management” and value creation.
• Secure business and government access to leading expertise and infrastructure related to harvesting and management of technology.
• Contribute to the efficient utilization of national expertise and knowledge through R&D collaboration with Norwegian and foreign institutions and businesses.
• Actively contribute to increased innovation within intangible assets.