“This is the best course I’ve had at NTNU. I made immediate use of it in my job”

Helge Dimmen, Technology Management 2 student, fall 2014

TIØ4259 - Technology Management 2

The course will give the student sufficient background to understand how new ideas can be developed and protected within existing judicial systems. The course starts with a look at these judicial systems, and then discusses how entrepreneurs can create and develop business models that are in line With the existing judicial systems.

  • Property rights - including patent law, design law, trademark regulations, marketing regulations, competition regulations and regulations concerning name of companies
  • Knowledge assets - including models for creating and exploiting knowledge assets, open innovation networks,exchange and trading of knowledge assets, relation between material and intellectual value chains
  • Business models - including development of business models, differences between industrial and knowledge-based business models, innovation strategies, relationship between judicial systems and business models, relationship betweeen busines models and IP-management