This course is no longer available. We are currently working on a new course in cooperation with CIP

” The course will strongly benefit all companies having a need to better understand how to optimise the commercial value of their IP positions.”

Åsmund Broli, Director IP Management, Hydro Aluminium AS

The Business of Intellectual Property (BIP)

How businesses transform knowledge to intellectual assets that can be owned, sold or shared is fundamental for their ability to compete. IPIN in Trondheim, together with our partners at CIP in Gothenburg, offers the best arena for learning and developing these skills. That’s why we created this course for the Nordic industry.

The Business of Intellectual Property is a six-day, intensive executive training program that:

  • Focuses on the use of IP to drive new business models and value propositions
  • Provides tools to align IP strategies with overall corporate strategies
  • Shares best practice models for IP valuation, and is based on two on-campus modules, with a one month home company assignment in-between.

This course has been created for technology managers, R&D managers and IP professionals who need to think strategic around IP and value creation.

Who is the course for?

Most participants have an academic background in a technical domain or business function e.g. engineering, life sciences, law, economics, or business management.
A basic understanding of IP rights is sufficient.

These are typical positions among participants:

  • Business Development Manager
  • Product Development Manager
  • R&D Manager
  • Technology Manager
  • IP Manager
  • Licensing Manager
  • Intellectual Asset Manager
  • Open Innovation Manager
  • C-Suite Executives in start-ups or SMEs

This course awards 7.5 credits from NTNU.


€ 3.000 for one person
€ 5.000 for two persons from same company.